Studio 29 Cafe - The "Brunch" is not worth it

4 years ago by Iceland Traveller

No fresh Food, cold dishes. The service personnel is very noisy, behaves like they are in their living room and has lunch together in the middle of the restaurant. Makes you feel like you are on an Asian market. Absolutely not worth the pri...
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      F├│taa├░ger├░astofa Gu├░r├║nar Ara - F├│tame├░fer├░

4 years ago by J├│na

Falleg og hugguleg stofa og var mj├Âg ├ín├Žg├░ me├░ ├żj├│nustuna :)
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      leifst├Â├░ - Dont get robbed

4 years ago by J├│n Sigur├░sson

They are after your money. Dont park there, dont eat there . And dont die there... they will charge you somehow.
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      K├Âku Kompan├şi├░ - somone unhappy

4 years ago by Anonymous

look in the bag after you orderd becouse you mit be missing something you orderd be sure look in the bag!!! cake companiid laekjargotu did it to me, i lost 440 is kronur
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